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Drive Safely, Park Easily With This Wide-Angle Auxiliary Car Mirror.

See more of the road! Mounted on top of your outside mirrors, this distortion-free auxiliary mirror helps eliminate blind spots and avoid a potentially deadly accident. It'll also help you parallel park more accurately, as you can clearly see the sidewalk. Adjust to the desired angle by pressing on one side. The Auxiliary Car Mirror incorporates German produced photo-sensitive crystal optics, to automatically darken the mirror on bright days, reducing glare. Easy installation: it simply clamps onto the outside frame of your existing side mirror. A small wrench (included) and a Phillips screwdriver are the only tools required. No need to drill any holes; won't mar or mark your existing mirror.

Buy 2 or more and save! Only $16.95 each!

Sorry, this item has been discontinued by the manufacturer and is no longer available.

Auxiliary Car Mirror
HE1200$18.95, 2/$33.90
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