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Comfort Grip Pen Adjusts Its Shape for the Most Comfortable Grip. A New Experience in Writing!

Do you ever get writer's cramp? Wouldn't it be nice if there was a pen that could adjust to your particular grip? Well, there is! Cross, the leader in fine writing instruments for more than 150 years, has designed a ballpoint pen so bold, so innovative, there's nothing like it in the world!

The Cross Comfort Grip Pen has a unique silicone "morph" grip that can be molded into the exact shape and width that's most comfortable for you: rounded, triangular, or anywhere in between. A quick twist of the precision dial lets you set the shape you want. The "morph" grip then expands to fit your hand. And Cross didn't stop here. The Comfort Grip comes with a distinctive clip design featuring a floating stainless steel ball that rolls smoothly onto any pocket. A great gift, too.

The Cross Comfort Grip Pen is completely sold out, only refills are available (see below).

Cross Comfort Grip Pen

Ink Refills For Cross Comfort Grip PenInk Refills For Cross Comfort Grip PenBlack Ink. 2 Refills per package.


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