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The Feminine Personal Trainer Treats Incontinence, Prepares for Childbirth, and Improves Intimacy. A Medical First!

The natural process of childbirth and aging stretches and weakens the pelvic muscles of a woman, regardless of her physical condition. It is now possible for you to reverse these changes in the privacy of your own home.

The Feminine Personal Trainer (FPT) is the first and only product to apply resistant weight training for the pelvic muscles for Kegel exercise. This provides faster results and greater pelvic strength than any other product or method, including expensive medical treatments. Women around the world are using it to tighten vaginal embrace and prepare for, or recover from, childbirth. A. McKenzie, Gynecologist, says:
"I feel this is an appropriate and needed product...and should become a helpful therapeutic choice for most clinicians."
The FPT is made from polished surgical steel for a clean, bacteria-free environment. Extremely easy to use, it produces results in just days. The smooth, contoured shape automatically positions itself, and the size and calculated weight actually causes a "reflex contraction". To see a simple, tastefully produced instructional video that walks you through the 5-minute exercises which are done while sitting in a relaxed, reclined position, click here. Included is a discreet carrying pouch, step-by-step instructions, and a tracking chart for measuring your progress.

Check with your doctor, physical therapist or healthcare professional for advice in choosing a size. Click here to view the FPT Size Chart.

Sorry, all sizes of the Feminine Personal Trainer have now been discontinued by the manufacturer and are no longer available.

Feminine Personal Trainer

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