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Powerful Two-Sided 8x / 3x Power Magnifying Mirror Lets You See the Tiniest Details Even Without Eyeglasses!

The Floxite 8x / 3x Magnifying Mirror's powerful magnification with distortion free optical quality glass is ideal for daily stoma and trache care, and also for eyebrow tweezing, makeup application, skin care and facial treatments, contact lens insertion, oral hygiene, and flossing. The 3x side magnifies enough to give a general overview, then you can turn the mirror around on its base or flip it vertically for a closer view with the 8x side.

The viewable area is 5-3/4 inches wide. With frame and base, the mirror measures 9-1/2" high x 6-3/4 inches wide.

Floxite Two-Sided 8x / 3x Power Magnifying Mirror
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