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Ingenious Design -- Looks Like A Helicopter, Flies Like A Kite!

You've never seen a kite like this before! This one takes off and lands vertically, hovers, moves in any direction and makes pinpoint landings-just like a real helicopter! Its advanced aerodynamic design provides lift-off and continual flight with as little as a gentle, 7 mph breeze. And it's even easier to control than an ordinary kite. You'll be an expert in just a few flights. Even if you're not an expert, its resilient, lightweight polymer and metal construction will survive a crash landing and keep on flying!

Comes with pontoon floats for landing on water, a 200 foot spool of kite string, and a flight instructional video. Recommended for ages 8 and up, adult supervision suggested. Rotors span 18-1/2", Gyro-Kite stands 12" high.

Gyro Kite
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