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HeadBand® -- The Drug-Free Acupressure Alternative to Treating Your Next Headache.

Alleviate the pain by applying acupressure to the most sensitive points on your head. This is the same technique that headache sufferers have instinctively used by applying pressure on their temples with their fingers. Best worn as a preventative device, put the HeadBandŽ on at the first onset of headache or migraine symptoms. It can also be effective even if worn after symptoms have already intensified.

Slip the soft elastic band on your head and place the rubber pressure pads under the band at the place where you feel the most pain. Soon your pain will be history -- all without drugs or side effects, and you'll say "I can't believe my headache is gone!" Complete with headband, 2 rubber pressure discs, and carry case.

Headache Relief Headband
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