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Lantiseptic One-Step, No-Rinse, Perineal Wash Cleans, Moisturizes and Deodorizes.

Ideal for perineal care, the gentle pH-balanced formula helps to emulsify feces and cleanse urine. The fresh fragrance helps control unpleasant odors.

When bathing or washing up with water is not possible or practical, use lanolin-enriched Lantiseptic No-Rinse Perineal Wash. The gentle pH-balanced formula won't irritate sensitive body areas, and its lanolin moisturizers protect skin from dryness, reducing perineal dermatitis. Lantiseptic is Lanolin enriched skin care that has been used and trusted by Healthcare professionals for over 30 years. Package of two 8 oz. pump spray bottles.

Sorry, this item has been discontinued by the manufacturer.
For a suggested replacement, please consider Aloe Vesta 2-n-1 Perineal And Skin Cleanser.

Another option to consider is Bedside-Care Perineal Wash And No-Rinse Incontinent Cleanser.

Lantiseptic No-Rinse Perineal Wash
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