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The Male Urine Guard is the Comfortable and Discreet Solution for Men Suffering from Light Incontinence.

The Male Urine Guard is an easy to use cap filled with super absorbent padding that fits over the head of the penis. In comparison, a bulky adult diaper is an uncomfortable, excessive solution for light urinary incontinence. And pads just do not make much sense when considering male anatomy.

Very small, sanitary, and easy to dispose of discreetly, the Male Urine Guard has no adhesive strips, velcro or any type of fastening device. It is simply opened up, slipped on and released. The flexible elastic opening keeps the Male Urine Guard in place and conforms to the size and shape of the penis. It will fit through your pants zipper and easily slip off and back on. Standing at a wall urinal the process is completely unnoticeable by those around you. Any leakage you have is confined to the small area at the end of the penis which allows you to feel clean and have no worries about odor.

The outer shell is made of liquid proof plastic. The inside is filled with thin, super absorbent padding that wicks moisture away to keep skin dry. The Male Urine Guard will hold up to 2 ounces of urine and will not leak out even when it is turned upside down. It provides dependable leakage protection and odor control. To help aid in the prevention of rashes, it can be used to apply ointment and keep it in place at the end of the penis.

Proven effective with a Case Study performed by the Veteran's Association Nursing Home. Fits a penis up to 6 inches in circumference. Package of 30.

Sorry, this item has been discontinued by the manufacturer and is no longer available.

Male Urine Guard
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