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Nanosil™ Silver-Spray Hydro Gel Is An Easy To Use Spray Gel That Treats Infections And Promotes Fast Healing For All Types Of Wounds, Including Cuts, Scrapes, Burns, Ulcers And Bed Sores.

NanoSil Spray Gel is a unique penetrating antibiotic gel for treating the pain, inflammation and other pathological conditions caused by microbial infections. Scientifically proven Nanosil spray gel kills bacteria and reduces pain with electrically charged silver nano-particles that regenerate cells, accelerate healing by up to 50%, and reduce pain giving a cooling sensation on wounds, burns, ulcers and bed sores.

Simple to use and pain free, Nanosil Spray Gel requires no manual spreading of the gel onto the wound site, yet penetrates to the lowest derm level of the soft tissue and forms a protective matrix that lasts for hours.

Nanosil kills bacteria 200% to 300% more effectively than other silver-based products, due to nanotechnology and its proprietary manufacturing technique. It kills over 650 bacteria, including MRSA, staph and fungi; and also kills and inhibits yeast growth. Nanosil also reduces the risk of scarring. 4 oz. pump spray.

Sorry, this item has been discontinued by the manufacturer and is no longer available.

Nanosil Silver-Spray Hydro Gel
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