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Telemergency Phone System Gets Help on The Way, Even When You Can't Reach the Phone.

Elderly, invalid, or simply single? Now you can always feel secure in your home when you're alone and an emergency occurs. At the press of a button on the Telemergency Phone System's wireless pendant, your phone will then automatically dial 911 and up to 10 other numbers (e.g. doctor, relatives or neighbors). You can even record personalized messages for three different types of emergencies, such as medical, fire and burglary.

A built-in speakerphone on the base unit lets the called party speak directly to you regarding the nature and severity of the emergency, ask critical questions, and assure you that help is on the way. An internal back-up battery insures that Telemergency will always function during power failures. Unlike other systems, Telemergency has no costly monthly fee for rental or monitoring service. System is ready to plug in and use immediately. The effective range from wireless pendant to base unit is approximately 80 to 100 feet, depending on the physical structure and layout of the home.

Finally, an electronic emergency system that is truly affordable. A thoughtful, caring gift for a loved one.

Sorry, the Telemergency Phone System is not available at this time.

Telemergency Phone System
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