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Now You Can Walk on Packed Snow or Ice with Instant, Sure-Footed Confidence!

Avoid the risk of falls or injuries! Just slip these lightweight traction devices over the soles of your regular shoes or boots and you'll have amazing stability on slick ice and hard-packed snow.

WinterTrax creates a solid, predictable grip under your feet as the metal coils press downward, becoming embedded in the ice with each step.

Walk safely this winter across parking lots or sidewalks, down driveways, or anywhere you need greater stability. WinterTrax patented design gives you security from side-to-side and front-to-back. Made of a flexible polyelastmer material that easily stretches over your shoes or boots, WinterTrax are small enough to fit in a coat pocket or purse. One size fits almost all, from Women's size 6 shoes to Men's size 12 shoes.

Don't stay in during the winter months! For greater safety on ice and snow, choose WinterTrax.

Sorry, WinterTrax are SOLD OUT for the Season and are no longer available.

WinterTrax Light Duty Traction Pull-Ons
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