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Stomahesive Paste, 2 oz. Tube

Save $3.45, Only $13.50

Stomahesive Wafer, 4" x 4"

Save $4.00, Only $24.50

Lantiseptic Skin Care Products

Low As $11.95 For 2 Jars

Moisture Exchange Stoma Cover

With Velcro, Only $18.95

Servox Digital Speech Aid

Save $227, Only $698!

Servox Inton Speech Aid

Save $227, Only $698!

Betadine Solution, 16 oz.

Save $15.00, Only $19.95

Tincture Of Benzoin

$16.75 For a 4 oz. Bottle

Humidi-Foam Stoma Filters

$34.95 for a package of 60

Glucosamine Gel For Arthritis

Save $5.00, Only $14.95

Female Self-Catheter, 30/box

Save $15.00, Only $29.95

Micropore White Paper Tape

Save $6.26, Only $9.99

Deluxe Inflatable Bed Wedge

Save $10.00, Only $39.95

ADDvox Battery For Servox

Save $6.00, Only $23.95

Servox Battery

Save $8.00, Only $31.95

ADDvox Silicone Shower Shield

Save $13.05, Only $43.95

ADDvox Personal Voice Amplifier

Save $30.00, Only $179.95

Sonnet Sound Hearing Amplifier

Save $10.00, Only $24.95

Provox HME Cassettes

Package of 30, Only $89.95

Feminal Female Urinal

Leak-Proof, Only $14.95

Feminine Personal Trainer

Save $18.00, Only $71.95

Easy-To-Fasten Arthritis Bra

with velcro, Only $23.95

Super Band Bug Repelling Bracelet

Only $19.95 For 8

Skin-Prep Wipes, Swabs and Spray

Only $13.00 for 50 Wipes

Floxite Mirrors

As Low As $55.95 For 5" 6x

Who We Are: Bruce Medical Supply has been selling medical supplies by catalog for over 35 years. We have earned the reputation of being the most respected supplier of medical supplies in the United States. Our compassion and our understanding of customer needs has earned praise from professionals and customers throughout the world. Great care is taken to insure that every product we sell will meet or exceed your expectations. Our reputation for integrity and quality is unmatched. To hear what our customers are saying about their buying experience, click here.

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Free Catalogs: Our comprehensive full color catalogs offer a wide selection of medical supplies, personal care items, and home health care products. To request a catalog, click here or call 1-800-225-8446.

Customer Service: Our friendly, knowledgeable Customer Service Representatives understand your needs. If you have a question about any of our products, just give us a call or email us. We'd like to hear from you.

All of us at Bruce Medical Supply are looking forward to having you as a customer. I personally guarantee that you will be pleased with our outstanding service and products.



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