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30-Below Socks

Don't Let Cold Feet Keep You Indoors; Our "30-Below" Socks Will Keep Them Toasty!

Item #: JF803
30-Below Socks
Price: $24.95Sale price: $14.95
Cold, wet feet can ruin outdoor winter fun. But not if you're wearing our "30-Below" Socks! These are the original thermal wool socks developed to withstand the most brutally cold Canadian winters.

They're knitted with a soft, high-pile terry cushion throughout, using nature's natural insulating fiber; wool, specially worsted for ultra softness and superwash treated to be non-shrink. Machine wash and dry. 30% nylon helps 30-Below Socks keep their snug shape.

These incredibly warm, easy-care socks are available in Navy, Black and Gray; in Women's (size 5-8); and Men's (size 8-12). Please specify Men's or Women's and color when ordering.

Buy 2 or more pairs and save! Only $11.00 per pair.

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