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Betadine Stain Remover

Betadine Stain Remover™ Rapidly Dissolves Betadine Stains from Most Fabrics, Including Carpets, Uniforms, Scrubs and all Clothing. Quickly Removes Stains from Floors, Tiles, Countertops, Tables and More.

Item #: FR912
Betadine Stain Remover
Price: $12.95
Betadine Stain Remover is a highly effective, ready-to-use natural solution that neutralizes Betadine and iodine-based antiseptic stains and converts them into water. It rapidly dissolves Betadine stains from most fabrics, including carpets, uniforms, scrubs and all clothing. Quickly removes stains from floors, tiles, countertops, tables and more.

Betadine Stain Remover not only removes Betadine and iodine-based spills and stains, it also neutralizes the Betadine solution. It chemically transforms Betadine and other iodine-based products into water. Betadine Stain Remover breaks down Betadine spills and stains into microscopic particles that disperse and repel one another. The particles are then easy to remove and less likely to re-adhere to the cleaned surfaces. The molecular structure of these particles is so small they can forcefully penetrate molecules of daunting spills and stains for quick and easy removal.

Ready-to-use, Betadine Stain Remover requires no measuring or mixing. For laundry, use as a pre-spray, applying Betadine Stain Remover directly on stained fabric before normal washing. For carpets, upholstery and fabrics, apply Betadine Stain Remover directly on stained areas. Gently scrub with a clean cloth or brush, then blot with a clean, white absorbent cloth to soak up the stain. For countertops, tile and floor surfaces, apply Betadine Stain Remover directly on the stained area. After stain is neutralized, blot with a clean, white absorbent cloth and rinse with water.

All-natural formula contains enzymes, plant extracts and water. 12 oz. spray bottle.
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