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Complete Servox® Inton Electro Larynx Speech Aid Starter Kit.

Small, light, and comfortable, the classic, original design Inton unit has been in production for many years. The Servox Inton Speech Device was developed in order to help patients make themselves understood as soon as possible after their laryngectomy operations.

The Servox Inton essentially takes the place of vocal cords. When placed against the throat, the device generates ultrasonic vibrations and transmits them over a membrane into the pharynx, mouth and nose area. A clear and intelligible voice emerges through the natural speech movements. The Inton's dual buttons allow more flexibility in pitch, volume and intonation.

The Servox Inton Kit is available in 2 versions: 110 volt regular voltage and 220 volt foreign voltage, as sold below.

Click to enlargeServox Inton 110 Volt Complete Starter KitComes complete with dual button Servox Inton, 110 volt electronic charger, nickel metal hydride (NiMH) battery, holster-style storage bag and instructions. 2 year warranty. The charger is designed to charge both your new Servox Inton and an extra battery at the same time.

TR1060Regular price: $925.00Sale price: $698.00
Click to enlargeServox Inton 220 Volt Complete Foreign Voltage Starter KitComes with dual button Servox Inton, 220 - 240 volt electronic charger, nickel metal hydride (NiMH) battery, holster-style storage bag and instructions. 2 year warranty.

TR1060FRegular price: $965.00Sale price: $748.00
Click to enlargeADDvox Battery for Servox (formerly the Bruce Battery)The ADDvox (formerly Bruce) brand of battery costs 26% less than the Servox battery, and is guaranteed to meet or exceed Servox specifications. Genuine Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) battery. 7.2 volts, 250 mAh. Made in Germany. 6 month warranty.

TR106Regular price: $29.95Sale price: $23.95
Click to enlargeBattery for Servox Genuine Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) Servox battery. 7.2 volts, 250 mAh. 6 month warranty. 6 month warranty. Made in Germany.

TR105Regular price: $41.95Sale price: $31.95
Click to enlargeADDvox 7 Personal Voice AmplifierElevate your voice volume in a restaurant or crowded room. The ADDvox 7 personal voice amplifier is designed for people who rely on an electronic speech aid, voice prosthesis, or who use esophageal speech. Click here for more information on the ADDvox7 voice amplifier!

ADDvox 7 Personal Voice Amplifier
TR997 KTRegular price: $225.00Sale price: $179.95
Click to enlargeClick Here for the New Servox Digital Speech Aid!
Click to enlargeReplacement Titanium Sleeve for Servox Digital And IntonFreshen up your dented or scratched Servox speech aid. Fits both Digital and Inton Servox units.

TR10791Regular price: $125.00Sale price: $49.95
Click to enlargeHolster Storage Bag for ServoxThe dark blue nylon hip bag gives your Servox® a compact and up-to-date look and has a separate compartment to safely store a replacement battery. A secure velcro loop enables a convenient attachment to a belt or purse. For use with either the new Digital Servox or the Servox Inton.

Click to enlargeIntelligent Double Battery Charger for ServoxThis new processor controlled intelligent charger automatically switches to a lower charging current to ensure that the battery is optimally charged. Charges the Servox unit and a spare battery at the same time (battery not included). Choose 110 volt or 220/240 volt (foreign).

Click to enlargeReplacement Charger Cord for Servox Battery ChargerThis genuine Servox Charger Cord is the replacement part for the Servox Intelligent Double Battery Charger. Choose 110v or 220v (foreign voltage) when ordering.

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Click to enlargePower Or Charge All Your Portable Electronics With USB Or AC Output While In Your Car, RV, Boat, Plane, Or Camper. Click here for the Smart AC And USB Power Inverter!
Click to enlargeOral ConnectorAllows a speech aid to be used immediately after the laryngectomy, during periods of radiation treatment, or when the throat is still too sensitive or swollen to use the speech aid alone. The Connector attaches to the cap of the speech aid and uses either a short or long tube that is placed in the mouth between the upper teeth and the cheek. Includes one adaptor cap, two short flexible tubes and two long rigid tubes. Works with Servox, TruTone and SolaTone speech aids.

Click to enlargeOral Connector Extra Tubing.Package of 25 long Oral Connector Tubes.

Click to enlargeReplacement "O" Ring For ServoxThis genuine Servox black rubber "O" ring is the replacement part for the Servox Inton and the Servox Digital.

Click to enlargeBottom Cap For Servox IntonComplete replacement cover plate assembly for the Servox Inton battery compartment.

Click to enlargeComplete Top Cap For Servox IntonComplete Top Cap assembly replacement part for the Servox Inton speech aid. Includes all top cap components.


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