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Cymed Ile-Sorb Absorbent Gel Packets

Ile-Sorb™ Absorbent Packets Turn Liquid Into a Semi-Solid Gel.

Item #: CY87210
Cymed Ile-Sorb Absorbent Gel Packets
Price: $45.50
Ile-Sorb soluble absorbent granule packets absorb the ileostomy effluent within the pouch turning liquid into a semi-solid gel, evenly distributing the weight, reducing noise, and preventing leakage.

Ile-Sorb draws the pouch contents away from the stoma and helps increase the longevity of the pouch barrier. Easy to empty, Ile-Sorb reduces spills and splashing. Ile-Sorb also facilitates venting of gas. For external use only.

Box of 90 packets.
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