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Super Absorbent Microfiber TowelSuper Absorbent Microfiber Towel
Super Absorbent Microfiber Towel Dries Hair Faster, More Gently.
Item #: BZ1836
Price: $19.95
Exfoliating Back BrushExfoliating Back Brush
Back Brush Soothes And Relaxes, Leaves Skin Smooth And Healthy.
Item #: BS57
Price: $15.95
Terry TurbanTerry Turban
Slip On A Terry Turban To Keep Your Hair Dry And Out Of The Way.
Item #: LN101
Price: $12.95
Body and Sole Bath Brush SetBody and Sole Bath Brush Set
Body and Sole Bath Brush Set includes Soapy Toes and the Hand & Body Brush!
Item #: BS84
Price: $17.95
Soapy Soles Shower BrushSoapy Soles Shower Brush
Scrub And Massage Your Feet And Toes In The Shower Without Bending!
Item #: BS52
Price: $15.95
Tangle Free Hair CombTangle Free Hair Comb
For Healthier Hair, Comb With Kindness! The Tangle Free Hair Comb Reduces Painful Snarls And Tangles.
Item #: WE71602
Price: $12.95
Inflatable Shampoo BasinInflatable Shampoo Basin
Deluxe Extra Deep Inflatable Shampoo Basin For Easy Care.
Item #: HP1005
Price: $29.95
No-Rinse Body BathNo-Rinse Body Bath
No-Rinse Body Bath.
Item #: NR100
Price: $8.95
No-Rinse Body Wash WipesNo-Rinse Body Wash Wipes
No-Rinse Body Wash Wipes And Liquid.
Item #: NR103
Price: $12.95
No-Rinse Shampoo And ConditionerNo-Rinse Shampoo And Conditioner
No-Rinse Shampoo And No-Rinse Conditioner.
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