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Super Fast 9v Smart Charger Charges Unbelievably Quickly! Compact, Lightweight 110v/220v Design Is Perfect For Travel.

Compact and lightweight, this Super Fast Professional 9v Smart Charger has an AC adaptor to plug directly into any wall outlet, and a 12-volt cigarette lighter adaptor so you can charge in your car. Charges up to 4 batteries (NiMH or NiCad) independently. See chart below for charge times:
Size Capacity Charging Time
9v 160mA 96 Minutes
9v 180mA 108 Minutes
9v 200mA 120 Minutes
9v 220mA 132 Minutes
The Titanium Professional Smart Charger has a microprocessor to safely and accurately charge each battery to its fullest optimal capacity: no more overcharged or undercharged batteries! Two independent charging circuits enable 4 different 9v rechargeable batteries to be charged at the same time or individually, regardless of their initial charged state. Separate LED displays indicate the charge status of each battery. Temperature protection prevents overcharging, batteries can be left in the charger to remain fully charged before use. The charger keeps the batteries fully charged by providing a trickle charge current. Circuit / polarity protection ensures safety and prevents accidental damage to batteries.

For world wide and travel use, the Professional Smart Charger accepts input voltage from 100 to 240v AC. Only a plug adapter (see below) is required for international use.

Charging current is 90mAh. Professional Smart Charger base measures 3-1/4" x 3-3/8" x 7/8".

Super Fast Professional Charger For 9 volt NiMh / NiCad Batteries
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