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Speech Training Books

The Complete Speech Training Handbook Set for Laryngectomeés, 2 Book Set.

Item #: BC73102
Speech Training Books
Price: $28.95
Sorry, "A Handbook For The Laryngectomeé" is currently sold out and is not available individually or as part of a set.
A set of 2 handbooks, written by experts, for the new or experienced laryngectomeé, family members and medical professionals.

Looking Forward: A Guide-book For The Laryngectomeé reviews the surgical aspects and post operative care for the patient who has recently undergone a laryngectomy. 88 pages.

A Handbook For The Laryngectomeé examines and discusses many different options and techniques for improving speech following a laryngectomy. It includes clear illustrations, diagrams, lessons and tips, as well as provides information regarding proper care of the stoma. 160 pages.

"Looking Forward A Guidebook For The Laryngectomee' " is still available.

A Handbook For The LaryngectomeéA Handbook For The Laryngectomeé
Item #: BC7310
Price: $16.95
This item is currently out of stock!
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