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ADDvox Moisture Exchange Stoma ScarfADDvox Moisture Exchange Stoma Scarf
ADDvox™ Moisture Exchange Fashion Stoma Scarf with Humidifying Filter.
Item #: TR103
Price: $33.95Sale price: $26.95
ADDvox Moisture Exchange Stoma TurtleneckADDvox Moisture Exchange Stoma Turtleneck
ADDvox™ Moisture Exchange Turtleneck Stoma Cover with Humidifying Filter.
Item #: TR104
Price: $33.95Sale price: $26.95
ADDvox Skin Tone Humidi-Foam Stoma FiltersADDvox Skin Tone Humidi-Foam Stoma Filters
ADDvox Humidi-Foam Stoma Filters. Heat and Moisture Exchange Plus Skin Friendly Adhesive!
Item #: TR1115SKTN
Price: $49.95
ADDvox White Humidi-Foam Stoma FiltersADDvox White Humidi-Foam Stoma Filters
Item #: TR1115-WH
Price: $49.95
Extra Thick Foam Stoma FiltersExtra Thick Foam Stoma Filters
Extra Thick Foam Stoma Filters Protect Against Dust, Dirt and Pollen, While Helping Warm and Moisten the Air You Breathe.
Item #: TR1014TH
Price: $34.95
Sorry, this item has been discontinued by the manufacturer.
For a suggested replacement, please consider ADDvox Humidi-Foam Stoma Filters
ADDvox™ Silicone Shower ShieldADDvox™ Silicone Shower Shield
ADDvox Silicone Stoma Shower Shield Keeps your Airway Free by Shielding your Stoma from Water When You Shower.
Item #: TR9916
Price: $59.00Sale price: $49.95
ADDvox Moisture Exchange Stoma CoverADDvox Moisture Exchange Stoma Cover
ADDvox™ Moisture Exchange "Bib-Style" Stoma Cover with Velcro Closure.
Item #: TR1022
Price: $29.95Sale price: $23.95
Atos Provox XtraHME (Heat and Moisture Exchanger) Cassette SystemAtos Provox XtraHME (Heat and Moisture Exchanger) Cassette System
New and Improved Atos Provox XtraMoist and XtraFlow HME (Heat and Moisture Exchanger) Cassette System.
Item #: prheandmoexs
Price: $156.95
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