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Great-Tasting Thick-It Purees Are Fully Cooked With Consistent Nutrition And Texture In Every Serving. Now With New Low Prices!

Thick-It Purees are flavorful, nutritious foods for swallowing that provide safe and easy swallowing for those with dysphagia. Easy to prepare (just heat and serve), they offer reliable nutrition, consistency and texture. Available in a variety of appealing "comfort food" selections to serve at any meal, or to have on hand for emergencies.

Choose from the selections below to create balanced meals. All purees are in 15 ounce cans, approximately 5 servings per can.

Beef Stew and Beef Lasagna PureesBeef Stew and Beef Lasagna PureesLet our wide selection of beef dishes add variety at mealtime. Made with real beef, Beef Stew puree is delicious as a hearty entrée or tasty as a side dish. Beef Lasagna, an Italian favorite, is made with wholesome ingredients such as beef, pasta, ricotta, mozzarella and parmesan cheeses. 15 oz. cans, 5 servings per can. Cost per serving: $2.05.

ML30-BF $10.25
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Beef in Barbecue Sauce PureeBeef in Barbecue Sauce PureeEnjoy great BBQ taste — no grill required! Made with real beef, gluten free. Smoke flavor added. 15 oz. can, 5 servings per can. Cost per serving: $2.45.

Salisbury Steak PureeSalisbury Steak PureeMade with real beef, this versatile and hearty entree is perfect for lunch and dinner. For a change of pace, melt cheese on it and add ketchup for a tasty cheeseburger. 15 oz. can, 5 servings per can. Cost per serving: $2.19.

Chicken PureesChicken PureesMade with real chicken, and featuring a bold roasted chicken flavor, the taste-tempting Seasoned Chicken puree is seasoned with spices including garlic, onion and paprika. Warm and soothing, the rich and creamy Chicken a la King dish is one of our best selling entrees and is made with wholesome ingredients such as green and red bell peppers, peas, carrots and cream. 15 oz. cans, 5 servings per can. Cost per serving: $1.55.

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Vegetable PureesVegetable PureesThe Carrots and Peas side dish is a colorful way to add healthy veggies and flavor to any dinner. Our Seasoned Green Bean puree adds zest to any meal. Another great accompaniment to any entree, the Broccoli side dish is an easy way to add a healthy veggie and delicious flavor to any dinner. Spinach, one of the healthiest vegetables you can eat, is also now easier than ever to include in your daily diet. Enjoy delicious Sweet Corn again with this tasty veggie side dish that everyone loves. Combine with the carrot and pea puree or the seasoned green bean puree for an old fashioned succotash. 15 oz. cans, 5 servings per can. Cost per serving: $1.25.

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Dessert PureesDessert PureesMade with real fruits like apples, peaches, strawberries, blueberries and cherries, this Mixed Fruit and Berry puree is a refreshing dessert. An all-American classic, our Caramel Flavored Apple Pie is delicious as is, or add spices for your own take on this tasteful, popular favorite. 15 oz. cans, 5 servings per can. Cost per serving: $1.55.

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Breakfast PureesBreakfast PureesStart the day off right with a breakfast classic, Maple Cinnamon French Toast that’s creamy, smooth and delicious. The perfect home-style breakfast food, our Omelet with Sausage and Cheese (also known as egg bake or egg frittata) is a nutritious classic. 15 oz. cans, 5 servings per can. Cost per serving: $1.59.

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ADDvox 4 oz. Sealable Portion Cups For PureesADDvox 4 oz. Sealable Portion Cups For PureesADDvox re-useable, freezer friendly, microwaveable 4 oz. Portion Cups are perfect for storing and preparing individual servings of Thick-It Pureés. Each can of pureé may be divided into individual servings for future use. A variety of potential meal combinations — entrees, sides and desserts —may be kept on hand, ready to serve. The wide oval opening makes them easy to fill. BPA free, dishwasher safe and stackable to save space. Temperature range for use: 0-250˚ F. Package of 15 clear oval containers and lids.


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