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New and Improved Atos Provox XtraMoist and XtraFlow HME (Heat and Moisture Exchanger) Cassette System.

After a laryngectomy, your nose and upper airway are no longer working to "condition" the air you breathe. This often leads to excessive mucus and subsequent coughing, shortness of breath and a decrease in energy. However, if you wear an Atos Provox HME (Heat and Moisture Exchanger) over your stoma, you will begin to relieve these complications.

The temperature of the inhaled air will increase and will be humidified. Your "breathing resistance" will increase (this is very important for maximum utilization of the lungs).

The "climate" of your breathing system will be constant and not as susceptible to seasonal changes or indoor/outdoor changes in temperature and humidity. Multiple studies have found that regular usage of an HME improves the quality of life. This is because you will cough less and produce less sputum.

Cassettes work by collecting moisture and warmth from the air you exhale and returning it to the air you breathe in. Another benefit of the Provox® HME Cassette is that the air enters and exits through side openings, which prevents wet stains on clothing.

The new XtraMoist HME™ comes even closer to mimicking normal nasal function. The humidification is improved and good airflow is maintained for easy breathing. XtraMoist is recommended for patients who have recently undergone a total laryngectomy, and for accustomed users of HMEs.

The new XtraFlow HME™ delivers superior airflow. XtraFlow is great to use when exercising, adapting to using an HME, and for those who prefer lower resistance breathing.

The Provox® HME Cassettes are disposable and should be replaced at least every 24 hours.

Base Plates: (To order, see below) The Provox® HME cassette is held in place by an adhesive "base plate". The adhesive and shape of the base plate is very important since its primary purpose is to hold the HME and seal it tightly against your skin. Also, if the base plate does not stick to the skin tightly, some of the exhaled air will leak out during speech, resulting in a weaker voice and/or distracting noises. Base plate adhesives:
  • FlexiDerm™ is very flexible and has the strongest adhesive properties. It is especially suitable for persons with a deep and/or irregular stoma or those who prefer a very soft and flexible adhesive. Average durability: 48 hours.
  • Regular is an easy-to-remove, easy to handle transparent adhesive that is less flexible than FlexiDerm™ and leaves less residual glue. Recommended for persons with a regular (normal) stoma and skin. Average durability: 24 hours.
Package of 30 Cassettes. Approximately $4.17 per Cassette.

Cassette and Stock No.: 

Provox Round Base Plate, FlexiDerm AdhesiveProvox Round Base Plate, FlexiDerm Adhesive20 Base Plates per package. Approximately $5.26 per Base Plate.

Provox Oval Base Plate, FlexiDerm AdhesiveProvox Oval Base Plate, FlexiDerm Adhesive20 Base Plates per package. Approximately $5.26 per Base Plate.

Provox® XtraBase® Base Plate For Provox XtraHMEProvox® XtraBase® Base Plate For Provox XtraHMEA convex base plate for deep or irregular shaped stomas. Its unique shape and reinforced center is ideal for persons who uses an automatic tracheostoma valve such as the Provox® Free Hands HME®.
This item is no longer available.

Provox® XtraBase® Base Plate For Provox XtraHME
Provox® StabiliBase™ Adhesive Base PlateProvox® StabiliBase™ Adhesive Base PlateThe Provox StabiliBase has a convex shape with stabilizing bars to provide a good stoma fit and device stability during speech, especially for users with deep stomas. An innovative and unique design with a 3-piece peel-off liner and longer lasting adhesive simplifies application, provides greater stability and support during speech, and increases wear time for most users.
15 Adhesive Base Plates per package. Approximately $15.93 per Base Plate.

Provox® ShowerAidProvox® ShowerAidFor comfortable showering, the Provox® ShowerAid attaches directly to Provox® Adhesive base plates (FlexiDerm™, Regular or a well fitted Provox® LaryButton™). Package contains: 1 ShowerAid and a FlexiDerm™ oval base plate.

This item is SOLD OUT, no longer available.

Remove™ Adhesive Remover Wipes For Provox XtraHMERemove™ Adhesive Remover Wipes For Provox XtraHMERemove Adhesive Remover is a skin-friendly agent that facilitates base plate removal by dissolving base plate adhesives and silicone glue. It may be applied directly to the top surface of the base plate where it penetrates through the material to loosen the attachment. Package of 50 individual foil wrapped wipes.

Provox® Silicone Glue for Provox XtraHME and MicronProvox® Silicone Glue for Provox XtraHME and MicronA liquid silicone adhesive that cures on contact with air. 1.2 oz (40ml) bottle with brush applicator.

AT7720Regular price: $77.95Sale price: $63.95
Provox® Cleaning Towels Prepare Skin for Glue and/or FaceplatesProvox® Cleaning Towels Prepare Skin for Glue and/or FaceplatesDesigned to remove oil from the skin surface prior to the application of glue and/or base plates. Alcohol based, non-perfumed. 50 towels per package (5 resealable pouches of 10 towels).
SOLD OUT, no longer available.

Provox® HME Cassettes, Pkg. of 30Provox® HME Cassettes, Pkg. of 30Normal cassette for all-day and all-night use or HiFlow (low resistance) for physical activity and adaptation. Choice of White or Beige. 30 per package.
This item has been discontinued by the manufacturer and is no longer available. For a replacement, please consider Original Blom-Singer HME Filter Cartridges. or Blom-Singer EasyFlow HME Filter Cartridges.


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