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Dynarex Foam Tipped Oral Swabs Gently Clean, Moisten And Refresh Mouth, Teeth And Gums.

Dynarex Oral Swabs gently clean, moisten and refresh mouth, teeth and gums. Ideal for those who may need extra moistening due to medication side effects, radiation therapy, dental surgery, teeth sensitivity or disease. A healthy mouth is an important part of maintaining overall health and feeling good. These disposable Foam Tipped Swabs can help caregivers clean the teeth of a stroke victim or person suffering from dementia when normal brushing with a toothbrush is no longer possible.

First, moisten the foam tip with water or a doctor's recommended mouth rinse, then gently rub the swab across each tooth surface. The raised foam ridges effectively remove food particles and mucus. Frequent use will help to minimize plaque and tartar build-up.

Lightly flavored with mint dentifrice, Dynarex Oral Swabs can also be soaked in water so they can be sucked on like a lollipop for refreshment or be used to moisten lips and gums as desired to help prevent dry mouth and help prevent diseases that result from poor oral hygiene. Bathing the mouth in this fashion can also can help a patient feel better.

Also great for travel, camping, and other situations where regular brushing isn't practical. Dynarex Oral Swabs are individually wrapped and are available in a box of 250 or in a convenient travel package of 50.

Dynarex Foam Tipped Oral Swabs, Box Of 250Dynarex Foam Tipped Oral Swabs, Box Of 250Disposable Foam Tipped Swabs, box of 250.

Dynarex Foam Tipped Oral Swabs, Package Of 50Disposable Foam Tipped Swabs, package of 50.


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