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Weighted UtensilsWeighted Utensils
Handsome Stainless Dinner Utensils Are Specially Weighted To Combat Hand Tremors.
Item #: KN117
Price: $15.95
GripWare Non-Slip Melamine PlatesGripWare Non-Slip Melamine Plates
GripWare™ Non-Slip Melamine Plates Are Ideal For Those With Limited Coordination Or the Use of Only One Hand.
Item #: TD325
Price: $14.95
Soft Handle Dining UtensilsSoft Handle Dining Utensils
Soft Handle Utensils: Ideal For Those With Limited Hand Use.
Item #: KN110
Price: $8.95
Weighted Mug, Bowl And CupWeighted Mug, Bowl And Cup
Help For Unsteady Hands: Weighted Mug, Bowl And Cup.
Item #: KN1604
Price: $24.95
Rocker KnifeRocker Knife
Rocker Knife Cuts Food Using Just One Hand.
Item #: KN150
Price: $10.95
Dysphagia CupDysphagia Cup
A Special Cup Designed for Those with Swallowing Difficulties.
Item #: SZ101
Price: $25.95
Meat Cutter KnifeMeat Cutter Knife
Meat Cutter Knife Makes It Easier and Safer for Those Unable to Use a Knife and Fork.
Item #: KN15005
Price: $8.95
Nosey Drinking CupNosey Drinking Cup
The "Nosey" Cup: The Easy Way To Drink For Those Unable To Tilt Their Heads.
Item #: KN16002
Price: $11.95
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