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ADDvox FeatherLite™ Pro Headset Microphone for the Best in Comfort and Performance.

Amazingly thin and lightweight (only 0.2 oz. or 6 grams), the flesh tone colored FeatherLite™ Pro Headset is nearly invisible when in use. In fact, it's so comfortable and light that you'll forget you have it on your head. The ADDvox Featherlite Pro™ is a professional quality ear hook style headset microphone originally designed for theater professionals that can be used by anyone who demands the best in comfort and performance.

This headset design gently hooks over the top of both ears. The ear hooks and the backband can be easily concealed under your hair if desired. It has a 3.5 mm plug on a 40" long non-rustling cord and is compatible with a wide range of personal amplifiers and professional wireless systems. Full 6 month warranty.

ADDvox FeatherLite™ Pro Headset Microphone
TR997-HMIC-PRORegular price: $199.95Sale price: $129.95

Click to enlargeSave $140.95 when you buy the Bundle. Get a complete ADDvox 7 Watt Personal Voice Amplifier Kit with a FeatherLite™ Pro Headset Microphone Upgrade for only $258.95! Click here for more information on this special offer!
ADDvox FeatherLite Replacement WindscreensADDvox FeatherLite Replacement Windscreens2 per package.

ADDvox FeatherLite Small Replacement Parts KitADDvox FeatherLite Small Replacement Parts KitReplacement parts kit for the FeatherLite Pro Microphone includes adjustment nut, washers, split screw and clips.


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