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Beat The Heat With The Air Circulating Seat Cushion!

The Air Circulating Seat Cushion has a powerful built-in fan that draws in cool air and circulates it throughout the seat to provide instant cooling relief for your back. Perfect for long, hot car trips, it refreshes you and prevents you from sticking to the car seat. Adjust the control knob to set the perfect cooling level for you. Adjustable straps secure the cushion to the back of the seat. Plugs directly into your car's 12v DC lighter/power outlet. For home or office use, an optional AC adapter is available.

Measures 39 x 19-3/4 in. Power cord is over 5 feet long. Optional 4 Port Power Expander (sold below) enables you to connect 2 Air Circulating Seat Cushions, plus other accessories, to one power outlet.

For a fraction of the price, now you can enjoy personal comfort that's available only in high-end luxury cars.

Note: Ground shipping only. Next Day and 2nd Day Delivery are not available for this item. Please allow up to 7 days for delivery.

Air Circulating Seat Cushion

4 Port Car Power Outlet Expander4 Port Car Power Outlet ExpanderThe 4 Port Car Power Expander is an output device that plugs into your car's cigarette lighter power outlet and lets you operate up to 4 accessories or electronic devices (radar detector, cell phone charger, iPod, etc.) all at the same time! Comes with adhesive strip for easy mounting.

AC Adapter For Air Circulating Seat CushionAC Adapter For Air Circulating Seat CushionOptional AC adapter lets you use the Air Circulating Seat Cushion in the home or office.

Click to enlargeCick here for more information on the Deluxe Heated Car Seat Cushion!

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