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Auto Litter and Utility Bag

Reusable Litter/Utility Bag Will Keep Your Car Neat and Clean.

Item #: WA9589
Auto Litter and Utility Bag
Price: $12.95
Let's face it: most cars just don't have enough storage space, or the spaces they do have are too small for the items you need to take with you. The Auto Litter And Utility Bag solves the problem with a generous 8-1/2" wide x 9" long x 4-3/4" deep portable storage container you can position just about anywhere in your car. Keep it on the floor with the hook and loop strips on the bottom, or hang it over a front headrest for back seat passengers with the attached Velcro® strap, or hang from the attached hook.

Keep your car uncluttered and tidy, with everything in its place, and just within your reach! The Auto Litter And Utility Bag is made of a waterproof material to prevent any leaking and can also serve as a trash container. It even has Velcro® closures at the top!

Buy 2 or more and save! Only $10.95 each! Use one for snacks, and one for trash.
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