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The Banshee Super Loud Alarm Clock Beeps at 90 Decibels, Which Is REALLY LOUD!

Named after the wailing spirits of Gaelic folklore, the Banshee Super Loud Alarm Clock beeps at 90 decibels, which is difficult for even the most hard-to-wake sleepers to ignore. In comparison, a police whistle is only 80 decibels! For the hearing impaired and people who don't sleep with their hearing aids on, the Banshee's loud volume and forward-facing speaker can be very effective.

The Banshee Super Loud Alarm Clock also has a "Soft" volume setting that isn't as loud (but will probably be enough to wake most people), and a combination Snooze/Backlight Touch Bar. The screen displays the time with a 0.7" LCD, with smaller indicators for PM and Alarm On. For visibility at night, pressing the Touch Bar temporarily lights up the screen with a blue backlight.

Great for travel, it measures only 4-5/8 x 3-1/16 x 1-3/4 inches, and weighs less than half a pound (with batteries). Requires 2 AAA batteries and one 9 volt alkaline battery, sold below. Never again be late for an important meeting, class or appointment because you overslept!

Banshee Super Loud Alarm Clock

Click here for "AAA" BatteriesClick here for "AAA" Batteries2 per pkg.

9 volt Alkaline Battery9 volt Alkaline Battery1 per pkg.


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