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For Doctor Recommended Moist Heat -- Without Adding Water! Bed Buddy®: Foot Warmers™ and Hand Warmers™ with Aroma Therapy.

Treat you hands or feet -- and your senses -- to instant, soothing warmth with these aroma therapy warming mittens and warming footies. Each set of Bed Buddy Foot Warmers or Hand Warmers comes with a lightly fragranced scent pack that has 3 ingredients: eucalyptus - to revitalize; clove - to comfort; and cinnamon - to calm. Ready in minutes from the microwave, they retain and provide doctor recommended moist heat for up to one hour -- without adding water! Reusable, safe, and easy to use. One size fits all, filled with 100% natural, organic grains.

Note: The Hand Warmers have been discontinued by the manufacturer and are no longer available.

Bed Buddy Foot Warmers and Hand Warmers
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