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Buster Brown® 100% Cotton Socks in White or Natural.

Enjoy the luxury of authentic all natural cotton socks again. Nothing fits or feels as good against your skin as 100% cotton. Buster Brown Cotton Socks run large for a comfortable loose fit; ideal for anyone with allergies, diabetes, or poor circulation. Available in White or Natural/Ivory. 6 pair/pkg. Buy 2 packages or more and save, only $17.95 each!

No longer available in: White: Sock Size 10 - 10-1/2 (Women's Shoe Size 7-1/2 - 9) and Sock Size 12 - 12-1/2 (Women's Shoe Size 11 - 12).

Also no longer available in Natural / Ivory: Sock Size 12 - 12-1/2 (Women's Shoe Size 11 - 12).

Buster Brown® is a trademark of Buster Brown, Inc.

Buster Brown Cotton Socks
BU16420$19.95, 2/$35.90
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