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Super Band Bug Repelling Bracelet

Enjoy the Outdoors! Convenient, All Natural, Non-Toxic Bracelet Keeps Bugs Away for Hours.

Item #: BT128
Super Band Bug Repelling Bracelet
Price: $19.95
Bugs hate them, but you'll love them! They're so easy to use. Just slip the waterproof Super Band Bug Repelling Bracelet on your wrist or ankle. Then enjoy your picnic, ball game, gardening or other outdoor activities in complete insect-free comfort. No messy, smelly creams or sprays to apply. Totally nontoxic; safe around kids, pets and adults.

Super Band Bug Repelling Bracelet expands to fit comfortably on wrist or ankle. This non-toxic bracelet contains a special blend of all-natural ingredients (citronella oil, geranium oil and lemongrass oil) that creates an invisible shield around you to effectively repel pesky biting insects for over 200 hours. Don't let nasty stinging insects spoil your outdoor fun! 8 bracelets per pkg.

Save when you buy 2 packages or more: only $14.95 per package!
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