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Cloisonné Medical Alert Pin, "Diabetic"

Cloisonné Medical Alert Pin, "Diabetic".

Item #: MJ925
Cloisonné Medical Alert Pin, "Diabetic"
Price: $14.95
In a lifesaving situation, the proper and immediate treatment could mean the difference between life and death! For a diabetic, precious seconds or minutes could be lost before their status is determined.

For personal safety and peace of mind, every diabetic should always wear this essential "Diabetic" medical alert pin. Attached to your sweater, blouse, shirt collar, lapel or tie, this attractive and highly visible medical alert pin will prompt medical professionals to the fact that you are diabetic.

Meticulously crafted, this durable jewelry-quality, 1" diameter, genuine Cloisonné pin is designed to complement any wardrobe. It blends comfortably with either casual or formal clothing.

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