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CoolMesh: The Comfortable, Breathable Back Support System For Car, Office or Home, Lets Air Pass Through to Keep You Cool!

Tired of lumbar supports that leave you hot and uncomfortable? Cool-Mesh Back Supports are sturdily constructed to give you the support your lower back needs to improve your posture, all the while keeping you cool. The sturdy mesh material provides support while allowing air to flow through -- just like on those fancy executive office chairs.

Available in two sizes: The Full and Regular sizes are perfect for any chair at home, in your car or at work. They attach and stay in place easily with an elastic strap, and can be adjusted up or down to find that perfect spot for supporting your lower back. You'll love the way the mesh material cradles and supports your body and spine. CoolMesh supports will keep you cool and last much longer because they don't use foam padding. Built with quality construction, the CoolMesh Back Support is sure to give you the relief you need. The Full size is no longer available, only the smaller Regular size is still available.

CoolMesh Back Support
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