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Coloplast Brava Curved Elastic Barrier Strips

The Skin-Friendly Alternative to Tape, Coloplast Brava Elastic Barrier Strips Provide Support, Security, and Extra-Long Wear Time.

Item #: CL120700
Coloplast Brava Curved Elastic Barrier Strips
Price: $48.95
Designed to prevent the edges of your barrier from lifting and keep your barrier securely in place, Brava® Curved Elastic Barrier Strips move with you as you bend and stretch, ensuring the position of your barrier and minimizing roll-up. Thinner edges help the strips -- and your barrier -- stay smooth against your skin. This can provide greater security, longer wear times, and peace of mind.

These skin-friendly strips are designed to stick around the edges of your barrier (overlapping onto your skin, like a picture frame around your barrier), and follow the contours of your body. You can use either one or two strips, depending on where you need extra security. Latex-free. 5-1/2", 20 per box.
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