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Commercial Strength Ultrasonic PestChaser

Rid Your Home Or Business Of Annoying Pests The Safe, Silent Way With PestChaser®

Item #: SX600
Commercial Strength Ultrasonic PestChaser
Price: $34.95
Rodents, cockroaches and other annoying, and potentially dangerous, pests cause millions of dollars of damage to homes and businesses each year. However, using poisons endangers children and pets. And traps leave you with the unpleasant problem of removing dead pests, possibly exposing you to health hazards.

This commercial strength Ultrasonic PestChaser is the safe, silent alternative. Three times more powerful than most residential rodent repellers, it emits a strong ultrasound signal (inaudible to people and most pets) that creates a hostile environment for pests, causing them to leave your premises immediately.

PestChaser plugs directly into any 110-120 volt U.S. wall outlet, stays on 24/7, and can be effective up to 1,000 square feet of space. Rids your home of unwanted pests, and keeps them from returning!
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