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Deep-Healing Foot Cream™ -- An Excellent Moisturizing And Softening Cream That Penetrates Deeply To Heal Very Dry And Cracked Skin. Softens Feet After Just One Application!

Deep-Healing Foot Cream moisturizes skin, softens calluses, and revitalizes feet with a non-greasy formula featuring mineral oil, urea, lanolin, and vitamins A, D and E. It penetrates deeply to help heal dry, cracked areas - which is especially beneficial for people with diabetes and sensitive feet. Deep-Healing Foot Cream is formulated to actually break down hardened skin, and prevent future build-up.

Penetrates deep to soothe, soften and smooth rough heels, corns and calluses. Softens hard, cracked skin on heels so you can pull on stockings and socks without catching and walk without painful splitting. Use overnight and enjoy relief all day long! Also works well on dry hands. Mild scent. Safe for use all over the body. 4 oz. jar.

Deep-Healing Foot Cream
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