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Discover The Most Comfortable Pen Ever: The Ergo-Sof PenAgain!

Ergonomically designed to adapt to the contour of the hand, PenAgain writing instruments alleviate the stresses normally observed with standard pens. When you first use the PenAgain youíll immediately notice how different it feels. The PenAgainís primary focus is comfort.

The natural weight of your hand alone provides sufficient pressure to apply ink to the paper. This eliminates the need to grip the pen, allowing the thumb and forefinger to serve merely as guides. Just allow your fingers to relax and let the weight of your hand do all the work. Youíll feel the tension of writing melt away.

PenAgain may help alleviate symptoms of writer's cramp, carpal tunnel syndrome, calluses, RSI and arthritis. Ergo-Sof PenAgain is made with a proprietary soft comfort coating that feels like smooth silk. Medium point, black ink, and each pen comes with 2 extra ink refills. In choice of three stylish body colors, specify silver, blue, or red when ordering.

Save when you buy 3 or more: Only $6.25 each!

Ergo-Sof PenAgain
PW100$6.95, 3/$18.75
Pen Color: 

ErgoMark PenAgain MarkerErgoMark PenAgain MarkerFast drying black ink leaves a bold mark, and is permanent on most hard surfaces. Cap stores on the end of the pen while in use. Choice of Chisel or Bullet tip. Sorry, Bullet tip no longer available.

Pen Tip: 
GlideLighter PenAgain Hi-LighterGlideLighter PenAgain Hi-LighterVibrant fluorescent yellow with quality odorless ink that will not bleed through paper. Cap stores on the end of the pen while in use. Chisel tip.


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