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GripOns™ -- Heavy Duty, Non-Slip, Studded Pullovers for Winter Safety.

Don't hesitate to walk on snow or ice during the winter months. Just slip these lightweight treads (with 6 embedded rust-proof steel spikes) over the ball and heel of your shoes or boots and walk with sure-footed confidence on slick, icy surfaces.

Flexible and compact for easy carrying and storage, GripOns weigh just 7 oz. Made of heavy duty, low temperature elastomer that will not tear or rip, even under extreme use.

GripOns for Ice and Snow Traction are available in Small (3-5), Medium (5-8), Large (8-11) and Extra-Large (11-14). Sizes are based on men's standard shoe sizes. Women's sizes are generally 1 size smaller than men's. For wide shoes, large boots or any ski boots, add 1 size to your regular shoe size. 1 year warranty.

GripOns for Ice and Snow Traction
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