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MindFold-Lights-Out Sleep Mask

MindFold Lights-Out Sleep and Relaxation Mask Comfortably Blocks All Light. Comes with Ear Plugs Too!

Item #: JG2
MindFold-Lights-Out Sleep Mask
Price: $19.95Sale price: $14.95
Great when traveling, the MindFold Lights-Out Sleep Mask is the perfect companion for when you need to be away from it all. It let's you relax anywhere, anytime. Although it appears like a regular sleep mask, you'll immediately experience the difference when you try it on: total darkness, even in bright light!

MindFold's flexible design with adjustable Velcro® head straps, soft conforming foam backing and eyehole cutouts fit the MindFold mask snuggly to your face without putting any pressure on your eyes. This enables you to open your eyes and still enjoy total darkness, even in direct sunlight — and it won't smudge eye makeup!

Also included with this revolutionary mask are soft foam Earplugs to ensure your peace and quiet and a convenient zip-lock plastic storage sleeve. MindFold Lights Out Sleep Mask is perfect for sleeping, travel, or easing headaches, and also for meditation, biofeedback, massage therapy or while recovering from eye surgery.
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