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Lantiseptic Intensive Moisturizer

Lantiseptic© Intensive Moisturizer is Formulated to Protect the Caregiverís Skin From the Damages of Frequent Hand Washing.

Item #: LX817
Lantiseptic Intensive Moisturizer
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Frequent hand washing depletes natural oils from the skin. This can leave hands so dehydrated that they may crack, peel, or even bleed. Lantiseptic Intensive Moisturizer's ultra-hydrating formula is formulated to protect the caregiverís skin from being dried out by frequent hand washing.

Enriched with Shea Butter and Lanolin, Lantiseptic Intensive Moisturizer works to maintain the skinís integrity and provide long lasting protection. Designed for caregivers, but beneficial for anyone with dry hands, especially during the winter months.

Two 3 oz bottles.
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