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Pest Contro II

A Revolutionary Breakthrough In Rodent And Pest Control, Now with Twin Speakers.

Item #: LK999
Pest Contro II
Price: $49.95
By combining two proven pest control systems; electromagnetic interference and ultrasonic sound, PestContro II provides the most complete and powerful protection available. When plugged into any wall outlet, PestContro II's electromagnetic feature alters the normal field around your wiring. It creates an effective pest control environment within the walls and ceiling where pesticides and traps can't reach.

The electromagnetic function covers approximately 2500 square feet (about one floor of an average home) and will not affect computers or appliances. The new twin speaker design with "SweepSound" advanced digital ultrasonics is designed to eliminate household pests that are in your living area. PestContro II will drive out rats and mice. Since the ultrasonic sound it produces is above the range of cats, dogs, birds and snakes, it will not harm household domestic pets (except for hamsters, gerbils and other rodents).
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