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ManHood Absorbent Pouches

ManHood® Absorbent Pouches Provide Discreet Comfort And Reliable Protection For Men With Light To Moderate Urinary Incontinence.

Item #: MR4200B
ManHood Absorbent Pouches
Price: $71.95
Designed for light to moderate incontinence, the ManHood absorbent pouch provides discreet comfort and reliable protection. Worn like a glove, it is held in place by a 4 inch adhesive strip that attaches to the inside of regular briefs.

Leakage or dripping is caught and absorbed by the pouch. The ManHood Absorbent Pouch can hold 250ml of liquid (slightly more than 1 cup), keeping the skin dry. The Manhood Absorbent Pouch is soft, comfortable, noiseless and not obvious when worn. One size fits most. Ideal for the post-prostatectomy patient. Made in Sweden. Box of 30 pouches.
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