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Rechargeable Manicure and Pedicure Station Is Now More Powerful, to Do a Better Job.

Well-trimmed and buffed nails make a great impression and they're healthier, too. The Manicure/Pedicure Station features a comfortable hand piece with a high performance, rechargeable battery, so it's always ready to do a great job.

Six quality attachments pamper your hands and feet: file fingernails and toenails; smooth rough edges; clean nail grooves; apply soothing oils and lotions; buff nails; and reduce calluses and thick toenails. Attachments store in the charging station for convenience and safety.

This is a professional-quality product that will give you salon results at an affordable price. For the discerning woman or man.

Manicure/Pedicure Station
PP888Regular price: $69.95Sale price: $49.95
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