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Medi-Straw Pill Swallowing System

Medi-Straw® Makes It Easy For You To Swallow Pills!

Item #: BMS5505
Medi-Straw Pill Swallowing System
Price: $14.95
Doctor approved for adults or children, Medi-Straw is simple to use and solves the problem of difficulty experienced in swallowing pills. The unique fluid action of the Medi-Straw suspends the pill in liquid as it enters the mouth, reducing or eliminating gagging and choking.

By design, Medi-Straw (1) allows the head to remain level, (2) holds the pill on a "shelf" in the straw in preparation for swallowing, (3) provides a flow of liquid to carry the pill into the mouth, and (4) starts the sucking action that triggers the swallowing reflex, which avoids the gag response. In addition, since the pill is surrounded by liquid, after-taste is reduced or eliminated.

Fits all pills up to 1/2" in size. Larger pills such as potassium (but not time-release pills), can be cut to fit into the straw.

If you or anyone you are caring for has difficulty swallowing pills, it could have an adverse effect on health by disrupting the prescription schedule. Up to 40% of American adults have experienced difficulty swallowing pills. Of those, 14% delayed taking their medication, 8% skipped a dose and 4% stopped taking their medication.

Tested extensively in health care environments, Medi-Straw was found to perform reliably and consistently. At home, you will appreciate the simple design and function of the Medi-Straw.

Two (2) Medi-Straws per package.
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