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No-Rinse Body Wash Wipes And Liquid.

Same effective but gentle formula as liquid No-Rinse Body Wash (see below), now in a convenient pre-moistened towelette. These soft, pre-moistened No-Rinse Body Wash cloth wipes provide a convenient bathing alternative. Just apply and wipe. Microwave first for a soothing, warm bath. Cleans, deodorizes, and leaves skin refreshed and odor-free with absolutely no water necessary. A safe, effective perineal cleanser.

Each package contains 3 Body Wash dispenser packs. Each dispenser has 8 pre-moistened cloths, enough for a full-body bath.

No-Rinse Body Wash Wipes

No-Rinse Body Wash LiquidNo-Rinse Body Wash LiquidNo need to dilute this wash with water -- just apply and wipe. Skin is left clean, soft and fresh-smelling. A safe, effective perineal cleanser. Two 8 oz. bottles of No-Rinse Body Wash Liquid per package.


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