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Teach Your Sunglasses To Read! HydroTac® Reading Lenses Stick On To Create Instant Bifocals.

HydroTac Reading Lenses turn any style of sunglasses into reading glasses. Imagine reading a book in the sun without squinting, and not having to stack your reading glasses over your sunglasses. These ingenious magnifying lenses bring small print and close-up tasks back into focus!

Perfect for safety glasses, ski goggles, etc. They even fit into wrap-around sunglasses. The small, optically correct HydroTac Reading Lenses "stick" through molecular attraction to glass or plastic.

The lenses will not leave a film or residue on your glasses and may be reapplied and removed as many times as you want. So don't let the smaller things in life pass you by. Try a pair of HydroTac (formerly Optx 20/20) Reading Lenses today!

Please specify strength when ordering.
Available in the following Diopter strengths: 1.5, 2.0, 2.5, 3.0.

HydroTac Reading Lenses; Instant Bifocals
Diopter Strengths: 
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