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Pambra's Original Bra Liner

Pambra's™, The Original Bra Liner That Absorbs Perspiration Under And Between The Breasts.

Item #: PB50
Pambra's Original Bra Liner
Price: $17.95
A soft cotton liner worn in the bra, Pambra's are very effective at keeping skin dry and preventing chafing and irritation. Pambra's have an outer cotton blend fabric with 100% cotton inside. This unique blend of fabric and cotton absorbs perspiration, keeps moisture away from the skin, and stops wetness from seeping into brassieres and clothing.

Comfortable and inconspicuous, Pambra's tuck easily into the bottom of any bra, encircling the body half way around, and may be scented with your own perfume. In the middle of Pambra's, a short fabric tab extends up between the breasts for extra absorption. Women no longer need to use powder or tissue to remain comfortable. Pambra's has proven to be very effective at keeping the skin dry, virtually eliminating the threat of heat rash.

Dr. Randy Conover is a Board Certified Family Practitioner who currently serves on the State Board for the Arkansas Osteopathic Medical Association and recognizes the therapeutic uses of Pambra's:
"As a Family Physician, I have used Pambra’s for the prevention of Erythrasma, Candiasis and the prevention and treatment of Intertigo that can get infected with mixed infection of bacteria, viral, yeast, and fungus. By preventing these infections it prevents the pain and skin breakdown that occurs as a result of these diseases.

Pambra’s is beneficial in the prevention of multiple skin disorders and infections caused by the increased moisture and heat that is present without proper reduction of sweat and skin contact. I have found that Pambra’s is most effective in larger breasted woman and obese patients. Pambra’s have also been used in abdominal skin folds to prevent or treat the Intertigo found in those locations.

I recommend Pambra’s because of its effectiveness and ease of application. Since Pambra’s can be used repeatedly with proper care and cleaning. This also lowers the patients overall cost for prevention by eliminating the repurchasing of powders and creams often used for these purposes."
Pambra's Original Bra Liners also add comfort to elastic and under-wire bras, are great during pregnancy and for nursing, and are recommended by surgeons for use after cosmetic surgery or mastectomy.

Machine washable. 3 per package. Choose size based on your bra size. SIZE MEDIUM IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE.

Click here to see Pambra's demonstration video.

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