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PestContro Dual Technology Electronic Pest Control Unit

PestContro Combines Ultrasonic and Electromagnetic Technology In The Most Powerful Product Available for Repelling Basic Pests and Rodents.

Item #: LK395
PestContro Dual Technology Electronic Pest Control Unit
Price: $29.95
PestContro helps drive out pests by combining 2 proven pest control technologies: electromagnetic interference and ultrasonic sound. The PestContro Dual Technology Electronic Pest Control Unit provides the most complete and powerful protection available on the market today for repelling basic pests, rodents and some spiders.

Advanced dual protection works using Electromagnetic Interference within the wiring of the home to create an unfriendly environment for pests within the walls, while also using advanced SweepSound Ultrasonic Technology to drive pests out of living areas. Won't harm pets (cats, dogs, birds and snakes) or interfere with TVs, computers, or electronic appliances.

Plugs directly into wall outlet -- no cords. Also has a built-in night light/emergency light with an LED light source that provides up to 100,000 hours of use -- no bulbs to replace, ever! Uses only 7.5 watts of electricity, just pennies a month to operate. For indoor use only. Ideal for homes, apartments, garages, warehouses and restaurants. One unit per average sized room is recommended. Two year limited warranty.
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