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Pocket Eyes, the Small Extra Pair That Goes Anywhere!

Never be without your glasses again! These handy reading glasses are perfect when it's inconvenient to carry a full-size pair; when you're traveling or out on the town, and you need to read a map, menu, score card, or program. Pocket Eyes Reading Glasses fold to half size and slip into a durable, soft, coin-thin pouch. So small and thin, it can easily be carried with your pocket change. The pouch comes with its own key ring for use as a keychain, or attach it to the inside zipper of a purse.

Made from the highest grade optical material, these lenses are hard-coated and silicone treated to resist scratching. The stainless steel bridge comfortably fits any size nose. If you only need glasses occasionally, then Pocket Eyes Reading Glasses are perfect for you. The sophisticated design looks great on men or women, and is available in four strengths: Regular 1.5, Medium 2.0, Strong 2.5, and Extra Strong 3.0.

Please specify Diopter strength when ordering.

Note: These magnifiers are not intended to be a substitute for corrective lenses; only a professional exam can determine your eye's health status and vision needs.

Pocket Eyes Reading Glasses
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