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New, Improved ProEar II™

New, Improved ProEar II™.

Item #: SP2-Single
New, Improved ProEar II™
Price: $199.00
When you can't hear well, you can't communicate well. And in today's competitive world, sharp communications skills are critical to success. ProEar II is the world's smallest personal sound system, barely visible, yet it greatly improves your ability to operate effectively in situations where acoustics are poor, or extraneous noise is distracting.

In large meeting areas, conferences or theaters, noise often distorts or drowns out voices completely. With ProEar II you will clearly hear more and have the ability to focus comfortably on a conversation. Fingertip control lets you adjust the volume to suit the particular situation.

Manufactured with revolutionary space age material, the 5 assorted size ear tips guarantee a secure, ready-to-wear fit. Simply slip the soft shell ProEar II unobtrusively into your ear anytime you need hearing support. It's so comfortable you may even fall asleep with it!

ProEar II is engineered using advanced micro-manufacturing techniques which make it extremely affordable for personal, on-demand use. YOU choose when and where you need to wear it. ProEar II includes: a package of 4 batteries, wax pick, cleaning brush, 10 protective wax guards, 5 ear tips, soft storage pouch and operating instructions. Experience renewed confidence! When you hear clearly, you're in control. ProEar II provides you with that control!

Note: The FDA asks us to inform you that it is in your best interest to consult a medical doctor for a complete examination of your hearing before purchasing any amplification device. You have the right to voluntarily and knowingly waive this requirement by reading, signing and returning the medical waiver form that we send with the ProEar II.

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